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One of most exciting moments in life is when one gets their first admission letter from a foreign university. Its a very exciting moment for most because it may be their first trip to a foreign country, possibly their first time away from home on their own and also may be the start of a long and successful future. The moments of joy slowly start to turn into bouts of fear - what do I do, where do I stay, what is the weather like, what is the cost of living etc.

As more and more Indian students have gone abroad to study, they have formed Indian Student Associations that help students with these very questions and also help them settle down once they arrive in this new country.

Most of the Indian Student Associations typically help with advising new students on the following

  • Procedures to obtain a student visa
  • Cost of living including rent and food
  • What to bring when one arrives
  • Financial Aid related questions
  • Help with looking for room mates
  • Student Orientation

Getting in touch with someone from the Indian Student Association is a great way to calm the fears of making this huge change in ones life. has diligently searched the net for Indian Student Associations around the world. We have found over 200 such associations and are constantly adding more to our list.

Indian Student Associations by country

If you would like to submit an Indian Student Association thats not listed in our website, please submit your Indian Student Association here.

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